Until recently e-books have not lent themselves well to illustrated books but with the advent of iPads and other colour screen tablet devices, this is changing fast. Partnering with our authors, we aim to make the best of the new medium, producing children’s e-books that are not disappointing and compromised versions of the print editions but beautiful and satisfying in their own right.

Using the iAuthor format for iPad, our books include filmed introductions and readings by the author as well as audio only and straight words and pictures versions. The pages are specifically laid out for the tablet screen with no automatic resizing or awkward page-breaks or bumping over of text and illustrations.

We will be developing editions for other tablet and e-reader devices as the technology allows for e-books that do justice to the material – giving readers a colourful and entertaining experience, connecting them to the works’ creators, and always remaining true to the principles of high-quality book-making.

Beautiful pages laid out specifically for the screen, no ugly borders and automatic resizing of images with text.

Introduced and read by the author.

Choose from video and audio readings from the author or a straight words and pictures version to read to your children.

Inky Sprat is Babette Cole, Manus Home and Neil Baber.

Our goal is to work with authors and illustrators to create children’s e-books that make the most of the technology but look as good on digital devices as they do on the printed page, using video, audio and, above all, beautiful words and pictures.

Babette Cole is one of the most successful authors of children’s books at work today. With highly original, often irreverent, stories and an irresistible illustrative style, her books have sold millions of copies all over the world. Her best known books are ‘Doctor Dog’, ‘Princess Smartypants’ and ‘Mummy Laid an Egg’.

Manus Home has worked in feature film production for the past ten years (‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’, ‘Asylum’), and television dramas (BBC ‘Down to Earth’). He has also worked on investigative documentaries (‘To The Ends of the Earth’), and on various natural history programmes for BBC Bristol. He combines his time as a film maker with stills photography, specialising in 'human landscape' and travel, and his work has been published in various magazines (Wallpaper) and advertisements.

Neil Baber has been making well-crafted publications of all types for nearly twenty years. As Commissioning Editor for David & Charles/F&W Media International he created innovative and best-selling books in many and various areas of non-fiction publishing. At Phaidon Press he put together award-winning photography and art books working with leading authors, writers and designers. As Publications Manager of the London Symphony Orchestra he learnt to buy print, manage design and master page layout, creating books, programmes, posters, flyers and brochures covering every aspect of the Orchestra’s activity.